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John in the Studio With His Buddy, MIKE!

John is the Production Director for Boston’s award winning* Mix 104.1 (WBMX). John’s reputation for creating effective radio commercials that sell for the station and its clients continues to grow.

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9 thoughts on “About John Melley

  1. Brian Topping

    Dear John,

    Awesome interview with Dr. Abdelal! It was my first time visiting this site and glad I did! I also loved the RUSH reference as well!

    Brian Topping

    1. John Melley Post author

      Hi Brian-
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. My wife and I were on a road trip and I went off the grid for a few days.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your kind words. I’m glad you liked the RUSH reference. ;-D. I was fortunate to meet Alex and Geddy backstage before a show a couple of years ago. What a couple of down to earth guys. It was nice to have the opportunity to thank them for all their great music.

      I accidently stepped on Geddy’s toe when we lined up for a photo. When I apologized, he just looked at me with a smile and said: “It’s ok. I’ve got 2 feet.” Talk about chill.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast! Thanks for listening. If you have a moment and are so inclined, please rate the podcast on iTunes so I can keep it at the top of the list.

      Talk to you soon!


  2. Kabir Singh

    Thank you for the great webinar today sir, really appreciate you answering all my questions 1st. I just started listening to the blog and will continue to do so.

    Please let me know how I can connect on Facebook and be more interactive. I’m growing really fast as a voice actor and I want to be as professional as you.

    Kabir Singh

  3. Cole Johnson

    Hello John, My name is Cole Johnson I saw your link to the podcast were you interviewed Joe Bev on my LinkedIn. I listened and I really liked what was being said. See I’m new to voice overs and like you and Joe said on the pay sites such as Voices.com which I’m on it is hard to get noticed. Not only that but I have always wanted to do my own thing.

    Im from Indiana I’m 21 years old, going to school for design/production and currently trying to get an internship with a Radio station WGCL and hope to get it. I guess I’m writing because I want to do more and I know in order to do that you have to reach out. The thing I enjoy most is stories and creating something for people to enjoy, but I can’t do it alone. My skills are voice acting and writing. I can’t draw, don’t have a lot of computer skills, and well just everything else that goes into making something. I have tried reaching out to people I know that can draw and proposed this to them and said maybe we can do something and put it on YouTube or something. They always seemed werided out and I don’t understand why. I’m trying to expand my skills by going to school, but I’m in the prerequisites stage of college and not learning what I want to learn.

    I guess I’m asking do you have any advice on how to connect or get people on board with doing something, actually doing something not just going through our boring ordinary life, its killing me I want to do something. I see people on you tube doing something, voice actors doing projects after projects and I want this and everything is just……slow, and I feel if I had help if I can get a team and do something that I wont feel so…….blah and bored all the time. That is what you and Joe talked about which was going out there and doing it. He has extreme talent though. He writes, produces, even can draw. So unlike him I need a team and I don’t understand how to acquire them.

    So any advice you can give please email me at colesvoicetalent@outlook.com. I want what you and Joe were talking about. Creating something your self that people can enjoy and because that you, yourself become a commodity.

    1. John Melley Post author

      Hey Cole,

      Thanks for your message.

      Cole, I understand your frustration. Finding motivated people to share your vision can be difficult. Candidly, pursuing a life where you create your own way can be lonely at times. So many people just want to settle for a job. They literally don’t “understand” you and that’s Ok. Others who pursue what they want in life will. They (we) are out there.

      A couple of thoughts for you:

      Please go back and listen to Joe’s interview again. I think you’ll hear that he’s been at this awhile and that

        patience and persistence

      are what got him success. He’s developed his skills over decades. Listen to how he wrote a letter to Daws Butler and got a rejection letter back from him – and he didn’t care and sent a tape to him anyway. Daws became Joe’s mentor. (That was HUGE in that time.) Please also know it took me more than 10 years before I landed my first FULL Time radio gig. I’m still learning and trying out ideas. The quest never ends and that’s what makes it so fun and interesting.

      This will take time. But it won’t take forever. You can get this started sooner. Also, listen to Episode 24 – An Interview with Mark Malkoff – a great lesson on persistence.

      Start hangin’ around different people. If the folks you’re with don’t share your vision, find people who will. In Episode 2 I discuss the “Power of Association.” Who you hang around with and spend time with matters.

      Practical steps you can take: Do you have an outline of what you want your project to be? Have you written it down – ON PAPER? (Computers are fine but there is literally magic in taking the time to hand write things out. It cements it in your subconscious mind and it goes to work finding solutions to your problem.) Are you sharing an outline and a project that’s concrete or just sharing an idea off the top of your head? That will matter. It will also give people you approach something tangible to work with and then it can become more of a collaborative effort and before you know it, you’re creating.

      Stick with it. Take action. Learn all you can in every subject because it all matters and you’ll find it will help you in ways that will surprise you – maybe years later. (Trust me. I’ve been out of school for more than 25 years and I’m still learning, honing skills and applying stuff from courses I took that I thought were a waste of time.) Enjoy the “process” of learning. You’re in a place where that environment is created and fostered for you. Once you’re out of school, you’ll need to create that on your own and it will be tougher.

      I’m coaching another young man right about the same place you are in college who wants to do VO and sportscasting. I’m telling him the exact same thing. Enjoy this time and learn all you can and savor each moment. It will fly by. I’m telling him this and I’m telling you this, because I wish someone had told me this when I was 21. And if someone did, then I wasn’t listening. I wish I had.

      Cole, to do things most won’t do you must behave and act in ways that most won’t act and behave. Stop and be present to where you are right now. (Stop reading this now and take stock of where you are and what’s going on around you/who you’re with/the weather/the smells and find something to appreciate in all of that. I’m serious. Stop right now and take 5 minutes and do that. Turn off your smart phone for a day and see what that feels like. Feel the freedom! Try it. The world won’t end. I promise.)

      Probably not what you wanted to hear, nor perhaps what you were expecting, but that’s what came out of my head/heart when I read your post.

      I love your enthusiasm and the drive you show in your post to me. Hold on to that and never lose sight of what you want to accomplish. You just need to keep sorting people until you find the right team.

      I hope this helps. Thanks for listening and taking the time to write.



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