Episode_6 John Florian from VoiceOver Xtra

John Florian Discusses The Upcoming Voice Over Virtual Conference

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John Florian

We have none other than John Florian, the founder of VoiceOverXtra.com as our guest today. We’ll be talking about the upcoming Voice Over Virtual – the online Voice Over Conference being put together and hosted by Voice Over Xtra. This event is going to be really cool so I know you’re going to want to learn all about it.

I’m actually going to be a presenter at the Conference. John and his Marketing Director Martha Kahn reached out to me a while back and asked if I would put together a presentation and we’ll talk more about that in my conversation with John. It’s the first time I will be sharing this material. I’m going to be peeling back the curtain on some of the key strategies I’ve used to build my business.

If you’d like to learn more about Voice Over Virtual, here’s an affiliate link to the site.


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I Get Email


Chris Thom of

I received several  messages from folks saying they’re enjoying the podcast. Here’s one I received from Chris Thom of VoiceOverMonkey.com.

Chris writes:

Hey John,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying the podcast and the guests you have on.
Since you’ve asked for feedback I thought I’d offer this. I know for myself and probably others out there if you could have one or maybe several episodes addressing VO marketing basics; coming up with a marketing plan, cold calling, etc.

I know for myself when it comes to all this it feels a bit overwhelming in knowing where to start. Just a suggestion all in all I think you’re doing a great job.

– Chris Thom

First of all, Chris thanks for listening and for your great note and the feedback. One thing that keeps coming to mind is you need to define “WHY” you’re in this adventure of starting and growing a voice over business?

The “So That” Technique.

Here’s a technique I learned a few years ago that helps people get to the root of their “why”. It’s called the “So That” technique.

Here’s how it works. Sit with a friend or colleague and have them ask you the question “Why do you want to have a successful Voice Over business”?

Give them your answer and have them ask you “So that…” and you answer that question

For example your answer to Why you want a VO business may be: I enjoy doing character voices and I want to make money doing so.

So that you can… I can make more money.

So that you can… I can leave my current job

So that you can… I can use my talents and gifts to earn an income to support my family

So that you can… I can spend my time doing things I enjoy

So that you can… I can spend more time with my kids

You get the idea. It helps you really define why this is important to you. It may sound squishy, but if you don’t have that defined, all the marketing techniques and plans won’t be as effective than if you do have it defined.

In a couple of episodes my guest is going to be Rob Berkley, the creator of Vision Day and we’re going to be talking all about this topic so you’ll want to stay tuned for that.

Next episode I’ll tackle another marketing basic for you. If you have a question, or comment, please submit them at the episode at Voice Over MarketingPodcast.com

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