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Episode 45: An Interview With Kelley Carruthers Buttrick – Part 2

WOW! In this episode Kelley shares some information she’s never shared in Kelley screamany other interview!

You’ll have to listen to find out what.


It’s CHOCK FULL of “Writer-Downers.” During the conversation I told her I was taking notes. I hope you do too. There’s also a lot of fun in it too, so it’s entertaining.

In this Second of 2 parts we discuss:

  • The Importance of Research – Continued
  • How Research Helps you stay flexible – and why it’s important
  • Finding and Tying intersections between events and your prospective clients Example – #Jeep and the Peabody Award
  • How Marketing IS Creative!
  • The Importance of Knowing When to Slow Down – Rest is OK!
  • Having a “Plan B”
  • Overcoming Self-Doubt (We all have it at some point.)
  • Gypsy The Wonder Dog makes an appearance
  • A Mini-Mastermind Takes Place to Help Kelley #KB4Jeep do more research and get more exposure.

Here Are the Links and Hashtags to Help Kelley Promote Her Jeep Campaign! Let’s all Help her WIN!

Shares, posts and likes on social media go a loooooong way toward getting #KB4Jeep on decision maker’s radars.  It’s especially helpful if:
  • Jeep and their agency of record DDB Chicago are tagged.  Just use a @ in front of the name like @Jeep and @DDB_Chicago
  • If there’s room for a hashtag, those are helpful too #myjeepstory and #KB4Jeep
  • It’s helpful if you tag me so I can make sure and thank you!
    • Facebook: @Kelley Carruthers Buttrick and/or @Kelley Buttrick Voiceover Talent
    • Twitter: @KB_Voiceovers
    • Instagram: @kbvoiceovers

Here are some of the Videos Kelley has done to promote herself to Jeep

Click the Video Title links to watch Each Video

Hello Jeep, meet Kelley…

Jeep Hair – We Care

Jeep – Peabody Awards

And Finally – Jeep Hair

MY NEW Blog!

The Voice Over Athlete: Because a Healthy Body Means a Healthy Voice™Mike_Muscles

I’ve started a new blog “The Voice Over Athlete” with the idea that we need to take care of our bodies like athletes do because we use our bodies to perform. A healthy body means a healthy voice.

Please check out the videos and other writings I’ve started posting at the blog by clicking here. Please also feel free to leave feedback and suggestions for topics you’d like me to cover.

Thank You!


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The DeFlame Diet.

So I have a great book I want to recommend to you. It’s called “The Deflame Diet: DeFlame your diet, body, and mind” by Dr. David Seaman.

This book is great. I’ve been eating this way for awhile now. If you’re a Voice Talent who has to clear their throat a lot throughout the day, maybe have some post-nasal drip, or are feeling sluggish and run down – you want to check this book out. The link above is an affiliate link through Amazon.com. If you want to see how I’m tracking my daily intake and activities, you can check out my Tracking Log Here. If you want to know why it’s important to track this stuff, you should read my post on the Importance of Daily Tracking here.

It was given to me by my trainer Mandla Nkosi. The book explains through scientific research that most chronic diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and a host of others are all caused by eating an “Inflammatory diet.” An inflammatory diet is one that promotes chronic inflammation throughout the body that over time leads to these diseases.

Sources of inflammation are refined sugars and grains – pretty much a good portion of the “Western” diet. The book explains how inflammation gets started and how it affects every cell in our body. It also explains how to “DeFlame” and live a healthier lifestyle. It’s not as crazy and hard to do as you may think. You just need to look out for a few key ingredients and eat whole, unprocessed foods.

Have you modified your eating plan to help your voice? Please share your thoughts with us below!


FREE Resources!

Use Your Personal Story to Market Your Business

In Episode 19 – Do You Have Time for A Story? I spoke about how you can download a free copy of my Marketing Piece that I use with new clients.

Click here To obtain a FREE copy of my Marketing Piece that uses my Voice Over Journey Story_PictureStory

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