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Episode 75: Lau Lapides and the New England Voice Over Summit

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Lau Lapides and John Melley discuss “getting in the Voice Over Zone” and the New England Voice Over Summit.

We also discuss how to know when you’re nailing your voice over performance

  • Connecting with the script
  • The Person physically working with the script
  • How Much “instinct” plays a part
  • 100% Committing to the script and being able to walk away from it 100% afterward
  • How “Hanging On” to a past performance depletes your energy

I’m Presenting at the New England Voice Over Summit & Showcase!

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Personal Story Marketing. How to use your life’s experiences to build your voice over business. I have grown my business mostly by Hiring Myself first. Part of that includes my “Origin Story.”

This will be a 90 minute live presentation where we dissect and explore the elements included in my story… and why they’re included!

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Resources Mentioned:

New England Voice Over Summit

Throw My Dog A Bone!

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